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What fun. Love the carpeting under the pianos. I know the provenance of a couple of these. The pianos are by David Toor, who also reprints larger scale Micromodels, and a series of New England Lighthouses, and buildings of literary significance, as well as the keyboard instruments and a tiny guitar. He publishes as Kenilworth Press , and was available through Paper Models International. Not sure if the new owner will carry them, but the old catalogue is here: - Catalog Page 61, here - Catalog Page 13, and here: - Catalog Page 23 (every stock number starting with KL is Kenilworth)

The Japanese Paper Model Mini is one of a series of maybe thirty little models - mostly buildings, trains, ships, and a plane or two (Hmmmm, familiar selections) nearly all Japanese subjects, published by Shubunsha,and sometimes available through Hobby Link Japan, HobbyLink Japan Home Page. There the key is to search on "paper craft" and then choose "paper craft kits". They are the series published by Shubunsha with stock numbers between SHU01010 (Tokyo Station) and SHU01031 (Matsumoto castle). The price is right but the shipping is tricky. Cheers
Rob Tauxe, Atlanta, GA

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