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Unforunately, I raced to get this one finished without taking photos along the way. The interior turned out ok, not as nice as John's of course! I added machine gun ammo and such for the gunner, but the canopy was a tough fit and the rear section wound up skewed a bit.
It's done, sorry I couldn't get closer, better shots, but you get the general idea here;
FGMM JU-87B Stuka-img_3799.jpg FGMM JU-87B Stuka-img_3804.jpg FGMM JU-87B Stuka-img_3806.jpg

FGMM JU-87B Stuka-img_3807.jpg FGMM JU-87B Stuka-img_3808.jpg

While I'm not overly thrilled with some of it, over all I'm pretty happy with getting another Stuka for the Wall of Shame.
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