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Oh,,excuse me...hrmph..., eh, yeah, that's great news, Darwin. :D

Seriously, that is an excellent start, great deck do work fast!

I was getting so desperate to have this ship in paper I was studying a set of plans and fretting over how the heck I would even start with designing such a model...made an unGodly mess using that's sad.

The old casemates occupied a bit of time to visualize how that might be accomplished. I would imagine you may want to have the gun on a swivel recessed behind the hull sides, perhaps supported by a platform that sits ontop of a cut out in the framing; lining up the hole in the hull sides would be a bit of a challenge to ensure they match with the platform and casemate, but I don't see that as too much of a problem given your designing skills.

I have the impression the forward most casemates sit a bit higher than the remaining casemates, but that could just be my old eyes in studying the plans. The shape of the hull sides in and around those casemates also seem to have a very interesting run, with the recessed sides joining up with the lower sides with a bit of forward dip for the forward three casemates...again, could just be my eyes, but my plan set suggests a somewhat more comlex shape than a simple indent in the sides.

I am very much looking forward to seeing this project progress and hope everyone, particularly those with more familiarity with this ship, help out along the way.

Yep, I'm elated!! Just made my horrible day end on a high note!

Great to see you here, Mchale!

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