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Originally Posted by Leif Ohlsson View Post
I very much doubt that you could top the Orlik Sopwith Triplane model. It has a complete inner wing & fuselage structure, enabling you to make a really advanced cut-away model, as well as simpler versions.

The version modeled is Raymond Collishaw's "Black Death", and the scale is 1/25, and very appropriately so in relation to the level of detail. If you really, really wish to build it in 1/33 and nothing else, you'll have to scan it and print at 75,8 percent (or 75 percent; i.e. 3/4 of the original size).

- L.
Thanks for the info on this model and yes it looks like what I'm looking for. However, when I went out to see if I could find this model, it looks like and I'm not sure here, that there are several sites that offer it for "FREE"!! I'm guessing that these are pirated copies which I will not support.

Do you or does anyone else know of a place I can make a "Legal" purchase of this model?

Scale is not really an issue for me as I tend to build in various scales anyway.

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