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IJN Fuyuzuki [Modelik 1:200]

This is a build of the Japanese WWII Akizuki-class destroyer Fuyuzuki. This is my first cut on a real kit, previous times I simply scanned the original and reprinted in fear I might screw up everything badly enough. Thanks to ukpapermodels for the kit, I might add that the service is excellent.

I decided to build this in preparation for my own designs, turned out to be more painful than I expected. The print quality was excellent apart from occasional splotches of white. At a first glance it seemed like the model was computer-designed, so the fit should be excellent. - Not so... Will describe more as I move along.

The Akizuki class is quite a large design for a destroyer, size rivalling that of the light cruiser Yubari. (they often were actually mistaken as cruisers and bombed as a result). This class is designed to be an anti-aircraft destroyer, and is armed with heavy AA armament. However Japan was so fond of their T'93 oxygen torpedoes that they insisted on having one set of launcher on board. In combat they proved to be powerful adversaries against US aircraft, but their size and costly construction meant only a handful were produced. A number of this class who entered the war late managed to survive.

Fuyuzuki herself was launched in mid 1944, when Japan was fighting a losing battle at sea. Her moment of highlight was providing AA cover for Yamato on her suicidal assault. Among the rain of shells and torpedoes that day luck was on Fuyuzuki's side, and she was one of the few ships to come back from this mission (the other AA escort Suzutsuki was crippled and only crawled back two days later). Fuyuzuki hit a mine while under air attacks during the closing days of war and was disabled. Subsequently the ship was broken up, and the hull remained as breakwater to this day.

--One of the first things is I found one set of triple AA to be missing, enough reason to do a photocopy before making the first cut.
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