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First off, thanks tons for all the suggestions and guidance. ...great group here on the forum!!! :D

I checked the scale on the sheets and that looks good.

Okay, so as you can see by my pictures I think I figured out the issue and why I thought the skin was too long. As you can see my seat is partially covered by the upper skin. Gee, could it possibly be a mistake on my part? Could the seat be too far back? Back to the factory for repairs. :o


Like stated this is for the gas cap. I learned something, too while researching this aircraft before building. There are two fuel tanks. There is the primary tank behind the pilot and a smaller tank in front of the instrument pannel. This front tank is the one that feeds the engine. Periodically, the pilot would have to use a hand pump (mounted on the right front of the to remember to fabricate this) to transload fuel between tanks. Geez, imagine a mis-calculation here and run out of fuel in a dog fight.

Chris, By the way. There was a discussion on your thread about how to make a metal cowling with the swirls. I was looking at the E.III kit at your store (One of the first kits I got from you) for reference. It has the correct finish you are looking for.

Again, thanks to all for your comments. All appreciated. :D

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