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Jules' SVD Dragunov 1:1 scale

Well i finished it (skipped the bipod as that would have made it awkward to hang on the wall and I havent seen many equipped with one anyway). Of course there was a lot of improvised internal reinforcement in the form of laminations of 1mm card to almost all internal flat surfaces. One tip to anyone who builds this I found i had to build a rigid box structure inside the metal piece at the rear of the forend otherwise the whole forend/barrel assemble was quite wobbly where it joined the reciever, also unless Jules has fixed it by now the flat underpiece of the safety lever is upside down, I had to do the folds backwards and color it with a sharpie. Was an enjoyable build altogether though and I'm greatly pleased with the result (Ive always thought this was one of the meanest looking rifles out there). Anyway on with the pics.

How shall we **** off oh lord?
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