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Originally Posted by ShaunGamer View Post
Slightly OT: I also enjoy both the simple build threads and the complex super detailed build threads. Back when I first got into cardmodels, it was a little disappointing when scouring the net, to find plenty of Halsinki build threads (and other complicated models - battleships, etc.) but no build threads of simple kits to encourage the new modeller.

Because of this, it took me ages to feel confident enough to make a contribution on any of the sites. I needed to feel I had reached a certain "standard".
I should also state that I think this community has gone a long way to making this less of an issue. However, we could have more "simple" build threads that show how good a less complex model can be!
Yeah this forum does that pretty well. I was sort of embarassed of my models, but I posted them anyway! I guess the fact that everybody seems like friends and that it's a relatively small place make it happen.
Before I said that I never saw, but it turns out I did - it was in my favourites/bookmarks. I just never joined or posted, and left very quickly.

I intend to make a build thread of everything! This includes some easier models, though they're probably not super new beginner material.
- Kuba
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