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Correct, I have Adobe Reader 9 and it does not have these capabilites.
Ron's percentage scaling options have been added by his Printer application.

FoxIt does look like a good option for some more scaling options.

For more specific percentage scaling you will most likely have to use a Graphics editing program.
Windows Paint is obviously a free simple option that all Windows users already have,
but can we hear from any of the other free Grpahics programs users, if the same procedure (I mentioned at first) is an option?


and thanks Doug for the calculation correction...
actually my calculation was correct and as I intended it, but I misplaced one word.
I had intended to say:
A simple method of calculating the reduction is to divide the smaller scale number (48) INTO the starting scale number (33).
And then just multiply the outcome by 100 (move the decimal place two spots to the right!)
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