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Pioneer 6 1/24

I figured I may as well post this here.

The real thing:

I've been experimenting with drawing in PowerPoint while designing Ulysses, and this resulted during some experimenting. I have time to draw, but no time to actually build most of the time right now due to work.
This is a very simple Pioneer 6 that I did in 1/24 scale. It lacks some detail at this point (mainly instrumentation -- they didn't do a lot of detail photography of spacecraft back in 1965), but this is the beta build and it looks decent (to me) so far, so I should be able to bring it up to standards if anyone wants it. (And yes, there are 30 louvers inside the bottom of the bus -- still thinking about how to do that in a sane way.)
Getting better at this as I go (I hope)...
Works in progress:
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