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Now that's a plan, Daedalus. Likely best built a bit at a time with time allowed for fiddling.
The hard parts for me were rescaling/building extras and rigging a display mount. The PVC armature I used is designed for an overhead hanger - overhead suspension points equalize and distribute the weight to keep things straight. A floor stand would probably need posts at the ends of the truss, under the Z0 truss/Unity node, and at the aft (Zvezda/Progress) end. Depending on how it balances, might need another post under the fore node (Harmony). Even then, you might get a little sag from the PVC - sch80 is stiffer but much heavier. Might work for a floor stand but I wouldn't want to hang sch80 pipe.

Love to see a thread of your design/build!

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