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Bright Ideas in Modeling

I did these about 5 years ago. They are Sylvania 400 watt. I used the same technique except I cut the glass open by spinning against a belt sander. the Blue Nose Canadian Schooner has 100% cotton paper sails with panal stitching printed on them. I balooned the paper stretching it over a curved edge. The other ship is the Flying Cloud. I have some 650 watt bulbs ready but...NEXT HOBBIE!!! I cant stop. I want to put a crossection of the Victory in one of the bulbs. I bow to the master in Georgia who put Moby Dick in a bulb with a harpoon boat in it's jaws, ropes wrapped around pinning an absolutly real looking Greggry Peck to it's side. Greg is about a 1/4 inch tall and is without any doubt Capt. Ahab/Peck. The whale is supended in a resin ocean half out the water. One sailer is in fall between the boat and ocean surface supended by magician's thread. One of his other builds has a sail ship punched through by the Nautilus on a resin ocean with white caps and ships trail. IN A BULB! I have put it too a grind for 15 years and still not sure how it could be done.
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All parts fit, Have hammer
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