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The Luvahdeusse Embrace

"If you fear the Lion, stay near the Leopard fangs."

Old Namibian Proverb

They said farewell the Luvahdeusse way and then they went back to the Star port. A Luvahdeusse honor guard followed them. The strange Cinnamon odor of the Luvahdeusse was very strong where they were, but Lt. Smirth forced himself not to take his hand to his nose. As they reached the shuttle, the honor guard shouted a farewell and doubled back toward the city. When the doors of the shuttle closed, Lt. Smirth sighed with relieve. "What", asked General Thromas. "Things went pretty well with the Luvahdeusse, or not?" Lt. Smirth sighed again. "Yes, sir." The General looked carefully at his staff member. "We signed a good Defense Pact. With the help of the Luvahdeusse we will win against the Hecate. The Luvahdeusse have a tremendous war machine behind them. What is it that bothers you, Smirth?" Lt. Smirth looked through the window as the shuttle raised up. The city, the gigantic Luvahdeusse city, was getting smaller as they pulled away. "I was thinking sir... in what will the Luvahdeusse do when there are no more Hecate..."
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