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If you go into the settings and see the "key" that tells you what the colors mean, you'll see it says "one sided edge". When your making an object in Metasequoia, faces tend to get messed up and lines overlap a bit and sometimes that's the reason. Don't do double sided faces because that will cause lines also.

What I do to fix this is keep Meta open and Pepakura open, open your project up in both. I try something, save, then reopen in Pepakura to see if it fixed.

Find in Meta the line or face that has the problem. If its near an edge, you might want to first see if there aren't actually two vertices where you might just see one. So select the vertices near the offending line (make sure your selecting ONLY the ones you see and not ones behind the model) control+j to put them together. If an error pops up, then there is only one vertice after all. If no error occurs, then two vertices were just joined.

Next I would try deleting the offending line. After you delete it, a face may disappear, but that is ok. Just click the create tool and set it to "face" or "triangle". Create the new face, and make sure it is single sided with the same material you used on the part originally. Sometimes a new face is all that is needed.

And thats pretty much all I did to get all the lines on my model blue. The red lines were making me go nuts

It looks like I have signed on now to do a modeling jump start guide, huh? Maybe sometime in the future...
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