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I thought about a procedure which allowed me to build scale tracks for card and paper tanks I built in 1/15 for r/c and after much experimentation decided that the materials were too weak to be effective for very long.
I then decided to go with Tamiya tanks and more recently a much cheaper alternative which was available on e.Bay - the r/c ones.
All I had to replace was the upper hull and gun and use the existing Tamiya lower hull and running gear to make a completely new tank.
I had some problems with getting the scale right, but as long as the running gear was the same for the new card model upper hull I created from the existing plastic r/c tank, my problems were solved.Tamiya r/c tanks, I have King Tiger, Leopard A1, Sherman - other much cheaper brands, I have Walker, KV-1a, Tiger 1 and another, I forget what it is - all r/c.
All I need now is the time and motivation to be creative and get some new tanks out there.
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