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Re-colouring the Ford Trimotor by Peter Zorn

Re-colouring the Ford Trimotor by Peter Zorn-01-01.jpg
Ford Tri-Motor, Scale 1:33 by Peter Zorn

First of All, proper credit where it’s due

This paper model was designed by Peter A. Zorn Jr.
Originally published in 1982 as a soft-cover book, it is a detailed model of Ford’s famous aircraft.

In July 2010, Deckape started a building thread of this airplane. His report can be found here:
Ford Tri- Motor 1/33 Scale
You will surely enjoy reading his experience building this model, and viewing the construction photographs that show how beautiful this model is and how his building skills are.

Deckape’s wonderful build was finished after 133 hours of work, as he states here:
Ford Tri- Motor 1/33 Scale

Right after Deckape finished, Mr. Peter Zorn (the original designer) shared his thoughts on Deckape’s build, as well as gave some insights on his design of the Ford Trimotor.
You can read Mr- Zorn’s short but wonderful words here:
Ford Tri- Motor 1/33 Scale

Originally Posted by Peter A. Zorn View Post
Trimotor back story - I took on the design of this kit in 1981 with a few printing conditions. First, the publisher would not spring for a four color process run so I was limited to flat colors only and in this case black and flat silver ink. This made the colored graphic treatments, interior colors, etc, in the hands of the builder. My preferred method is to use colored magic markers, but, as we have seen here there are other methods that work as well.

The kit was designed before computers so each part had to be drawn and redrawn by hand with technical pens until the various pieces went together perfectly. Granted it is a simplified kit - many things I would do in a more complex and detailed manner today - but it had to be fool proof. My feeling is that if someone tries to build one of my creations and parts don't fit, they will become frustrated and never build another. I remember the first publisher I went to, who had done a number of famous buildings, and they would not allow the pages for the detailed instructions nor the pages for the history of the aircraft, They said they didn't care if anything fit - they were only interested in selling paper.

The second publisher allowed history and instructions but limited color.

While doing the research in the upper archives of the NSAM and copying hundreds of photographs I found the photograph on the top of page ten. Island Air Lines flew daily rounds from the Sandusky, Ohio mainland to the Lake Erie Islands. The book is dedicated to Ralph Dietrick the owner and pilot. The kid in the striped shirt is me. At that time, they sold every seat on the plane including the co-pilot's. I made sure to be the first in line and always got that seat. Flights were anywhere from fifteen to twenty minutes per leg and at least once per flight Ralph would lean over and shout "What's the oil pressure on number three? I would look out the window onto the large panel behind the engine, read the large oil pressure gauge and report back.

Thanks for doing such a great build. I followed it with a perverted interest and decided to remain out of the loop until it was completed. Bravo.

I have no problem with anyone who wishes to scan the pages to preserve the book. Someone can scan and make the kit available to others if you wish.

As for reissuing the book it is not something I am financially prepared to do. I am considering a redesign in a larger scale, but with a larger scale comes greater responsibility. I'll start with the engines and envision hundreds of parts each. This group seems to relish challenges and I'll hope to please.

press on -

Peter A. Zorn
After his blessing on the scanning of the book for digital preservation, billy.leliveld embarked on the Project of scanning and cleaning the original printed kit, so it could be made available to other modelers that could not get it in any other way. This soon was supported by Ron40.

Billy made available the scans on December 20th, 2010:
Ford Tri- Motor 1/33 Scale

It was a wonderful gift from Billy, with the blessing of Mr. Zorn, to all the paper modeling community.


If there’s someone to thank, please send your appreciation to all the people mentioned above:
Deckape for his building thread, that triggered it all.
Mr. Peter Zorn, the great designer of the model for allowing the scanning and digital distribution of his book.
Billy.leliveld, for the huge work that he made scanning the original book and uploading the pages.
And also Ron40 for the continuous support to Billy’s work and for the contributions he’s made.

Also important are the people who have encouraged and supported with their words all the time, and who provided important information and tips on this model.
(I hope I didn't miss someone. If I did, please let me know).

With those credits cleared, now we can move onto….
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