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Correction of mistakes is also possible at this stage, like a small distortion/offset in the wheels drawing:

Re-colouring the Ford Trimotor by Peter Zorn-07-07scrf.jpg

In real life, this distortion is barely noticeable (no more than 1mm), but we must remember that this was originally hand-drawn, and then sent to print. It is a testament to the designer’s skills. Not many of us can say we can do that with such approximation. I can’t.

To re-create the texture of the corrugated metal I decided to create a grill of lines spaced evenly at a distance that approaches the original pattern.

I decided to avoid tracing over each single corrugated metal line. It would make the vectorizing an endless task. Instead, I chose to use the grill as close as possible. Even though it saves a lot of time, it still is a delicate and time-consuming labour. But it is a labour of love indeed.

Re-colouring the Ford Trimotor by Peter Zorn-06-08scrg.jpg

To save future time, I’m preparing at the same time another version.

On the left you see the clean tracing of the original pattern. On the right there’s the pattern without the marks. This will be useful if someone is willing to build a different version of the aircraft.

Re-colouring the Ford Trimotor by Peter Zorn-09-09scrh.jpg

Please ignore the “moiré” effect. It’s an unavoidable optical illusion when the image was reduced and the lines are too close. When you print the page the “gradients” of the screen are not present.

And that’s how it is going to be made.


3. Me
I’m making this in my free time. I calculate that I can vector at least 3 pages each week. Fortunately, some pieces are duplicates, and others are just the same image but “mirrored”. So it will save some time.

But it is possible that if I find a job (I’m unemployed at the moment) things can be delayed a bit. But don’t worry, I will try to make as much as possible every week.

You can rest assured that I will finish this vectorization. This is my contribution to the forum in gratitude for the things I’ve learned, and that I hope to apply in my future models.

4. You
Every feedback you can give is highly appreciated.
Your comments and suggestions are very welcome.

Please, if you notice mistakes in my working, let me know. Your support is important to make this as accurately as possible.

As Ron40 noted in the other thread, there are a lot of possibilities for liveries. I will start with the original pattern by Peter Zorn. And I plan on making at least one or two for myself with colours used in my country.

If you have suggestions for a specific livery, let me know. Depending on my time, I will try to make it. If there’s enough photos and documentation, a proper colouring can be made. All I ask is a little patience


You can use the cleaned version I'm preparing and paint it by yourself according to your preferences

5. Out there…
Out there be monsters.
You know which kind.

I know vectorizing this model is like having a brand new master. Take into account that this is a 300dpi image from a vector. The real resolution of any given page is this:

Re-colouring the Ford Trimotor by Peter Zorn-10-300dpisample.jpg

My first thought is to share this only with people of this forum that we know are active participants of the community, who are serious and respectful of the designer’s hard work. I fear that making it too public would be an open door to the model being ripped and mistreated without proper recognition to Mr. Zorn.

I would like to know your opinions on this particular issue.
This will lead us to decide the best option to upload and distribute this repaint.

By the time being, here’s a reconstruction of the original cover.
You’ll notice the colours of the title circle are inverted. I chose to do this to indicate that this is not the original, but a repaint.

Re-colouring the Ford Trimotor by Peter Zorn-11-cover-comparison.jpg

See you in the next installment!
Rubén Andrés Martínez A.

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