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To avoid confusion, for $16 you get a .PDF file (actually a bunch of .PDF files), I had to provide all the materials and printing and foamcore and mounting spray and so forth.

The great thing (from my perspective) is that most of the aspects of this model are "simplified" in one form or another. Hexagonal masts rather than round, simulated rigging that is printed on transparencies to give you an "impression" of rigging, and so forth, in short it's kind of a "minimalist impression" of a sailing vessel.

But with the clever construction and the awesome textures the eye tends to "fill in the blank" and the overall result is just way cool! Plus it's complex enough to challenge my skill level (for example I had to re-print and cut out the ship's wheel THREE times before I got it right), but not so bad that I quit in frustration. That's a compromise I really need right now <grin>.

Oh and when it's finished and my friends come over to game and I plop this on the table their heads will explode in amazement <evil laugh>!

(Side note...printing this monster killed a new color cartridge. I have GOT to get a continuous ink system or something!)

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