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Looking for P-51 Shangri-La

Here in Monterrey, Mexico, one of the local business man (Humberto Lobo) owns the P-51 D "Shangri-La".

Im talking with an office mate who knows the chief of the shop for Mr. Lobos airplanes, and hes trying to obtain a pass to the airfield where the Mustang is.

Id like to give a model of that Mustang to Mr. Lobo. I remember that I saw a paper model of the Shangri-La somewhere. Do you Paper Team Mates happen to know if you have the way to get it?

If its not created yet, then some of you Designers can help? Im willing to pay for it, and beta-build it, if needed.

Thanks in advance.

More about Mr. Lobos Shangri-La:
P-51 Mustang Survivors: " Shangri-La " , XB-HVL - serial #: 44-72934 Sights, Sounds, History.
- Gerardo Escobedo Sainz
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