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Okay, the 4th one to show here is Lotniskowce's Sea Fury, reduced from 1/72 to 1/200 (36% reduction, fit for mini competition). This time, it's a British plane. Below are build pictures of the near-complete model. The clear canopy is in the making and the finished build will be shown later. The paper used is a sort of semi-gloss wrapping paper after shopping at a supermarket. Must admit the acceptance of printing ink is less than satisfactory. Anyway, once the plan was printed, I just went ahead to build it. Minute copper wires are used to strengthen the prop blades.

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NAVY Planes in 1/200-p1110118.jpg   NAVY Planes in 1/200-p1110119.jpg   NAVY Planes in 1/200-p1110120.jpg   NAVY Planes in 1/200-p1110121.jpg   NAVY Planes in 1/200-p1110122.jpg  

NAVY Planes in 1/200-p1110123.jpg   NAVY Planes in 1/200-p1110124.jpg   NAVY Planes in 1/200-p1110125.jpg   NAVY Planes in 1/200-p1110127.jpg   NAVY Planes in 1/200-p1110128.jpg  

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