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The canopy is first built from the plan, inside out and then filled with a kind of compound filler. After drying over night, the mould was given water-sanding treatment. After that, the clear canopy is made in Chiawatkom's way. Small strips of self-adhesive aluminium foild are used as the canopy frame. And here we are, the finished build with pictures of spinning prop.

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NAVY Planes in 1/200-p1110129.jpg   NAVY Planes in 1/200-p1110131.jpg   NAVY Planes in 1/200-p1110133.jpg   NAVY Planes in 1/200-p1110142.jpg   NAVY Planes in 1/200-p1110141.jpg  

NAVY Planes in 1/200-p1110140.jpg   NAVY Planes in 1/200-p1110136.jpg   NAVY Planes in 1/200-p1110135.jpg   NAVY Planes in 1/200-p1110138.jpg   NAVY Planes in 1/200-p1110134.jpg  

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