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Dave's Videos

Thats right...I got a new Camera Phone.
Its got a fantastic media Player and full keyboard and stuff!
I like it!

My Olympus DSLR takes wonderful photos but it doesn't shoot video,
so I never played around like this before.

And this new cameraphone has a cool little video light and a bunch of controls.

Not a great camera I admit...but so what, its all about fun right?!
So, please don't compare it to your wonderful iPhone or uPhone or ETphonehome...
for nothing else but kicks, I thought I would have some fun.

Yes, I figured it would help me post some modeling stuff.

but about a trip round the Kool Wheelz Custom Car Show.
Its being held down the street at the FLYING-UHU Coliseum.
No charge to get in...just a secret password.

see all my videos at davescardcreations-youtube
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