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"This is my Printer Cutter (Plotter) and even I won't waste my time trying to create a cut pattern for a preprinted model. would be hours of work creating the cut file.
...then many test cuts to try to get it just right.
...then one shot to run through the printed page and most likely ruin it.

In that case, it saves a lot of hand cut work."

Dave, I just wonder. I used to program 4 and 5 axis CNC machines. Fixtures and parts came off every day, sometimes many times a day. In those days you would use a code (G98 offset) to make a new relative starting position. Let's say you making a bulkhead and start working on another one. You would then take a reading from established Datum planes (X,Y,Z and or A and B), and proceed. Parts always came out perfect. Is there anyway on your machine to establish Datum planes (using a point on the model itself) or is it always off the edges of the paper (not sure if it is, just asking). Production machinery never sees a part, it cuts a path based on a predetermined reference point. As long as the reference point is the same, you get repeatability. Just curious, as that is one helluva a nice looking machine you've got there!
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