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Pressure (PSI) Tube Construction

The Pressure Tube needs to be strong to handle launch pressures.

The Top Plug has to be inside the top glue tabs. If it isn't the cardstock delaminates and the rocket just sits on the launch pipe.

Overall everything about the construction of this Pressure Tube system has to be right!

All glue needs to be dry before installing into the fuselage, so it is best to build it now, and do a couple of other steps that follow before trying to glue it into the fuselage!

1st photo shows a short piece of PVC pipe inserted to make sure of fit test and apply pressure as glue sets along the seam.

Stomp Rocket Glider Build Thread-F104-1glue-psi-tube-using-pvc-conduit-fit-pressure-seam.jpg

At this stage I make sure the glue seam is air tight by keeping pressure along the whole length. It is hard to use my hands and take a photo so, try to picture using both hands to rub back and forth along the glue seam while glue is still wet.

2nd photo shows inserting the Top Plug into the tube. Notice that I still use the PVC pipe to help position it properly. Run a glue bead around the inside of the tube near the top & also across the top of the plug-press the PVC up and fold the tabs.
Stomp Rocket Glider Build Thread-F104-2inside-psi-tube-plug-pvc-support-glue.jpg
3rd photo shows applying pressure as the glue sets.
Stomp Rocket Glider Build Thread-F104-3inside-psi-tube-plug-pvc-support-glue2.jpg

4th photo shows plug installed and gluing PSI Tube Top former/bulkhead.
Stomp Rocket Glider Build Thread-F104-4psi-tube-former-bulkhead-top1.jpg

5th photo shows assembly ready for a Glue Fillet around the bulkhead. Make sure to run the glue bead all the way around the tube.
Stomp Rocket Glider Build Thread-F104-5psi-tube-former-bulkhead-top2-glue-fillet.jpg

6th photo shows the Bottom former attached. Notice it is slightly back from the end. Also make sure to run a bead (fillet) of glue around both sides when gluing.
Stomp Rocket Glider Build Thread-F104-6psi-tube-done.jpg

Now set it aside and let it dry. I usually stand it upright with the PVC pipe still in it while the glue dries/sets.
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