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Well, my LG is two months old and the screen is done.

haha about two weeks ago the screen stopped working.
just went blank.
Phone was still on, but no no control .

Took it back in to the store to get a replacement.
(Only two months old!)
Chatted with a Storeclerk...

"Sorry, we don't sell that phone anymore"
-okay, give me a different phone?
"Sorry...but we can only send yours out for repair"
-but its only two months old?
"yes, but its warranteed for a year!"
-I just agreed to a three year contract and you want to take away the free incentive?
"yes sir"

-well that is BS and I don't like it! what do I do in the meantime?...with no phone?
"we can provide you with a you have a Credit card?"
-wha?! I have to pay for a loaner?!!
"well if you still have your old phone, we could switch the service back over to it"
-so, I agreed to a three year contract, just to get a new phone, and now you can put me back on my old phone
...but still charge me with the new contract? isn't that nice.

"sir, would you like me to reactivate your old phone? there will be a $35 charge, but I could just put it on your next bill so you don't have to pay for it now"
-you have got to be kidding me
"and I can send out your new phone for repair whenever you are ready..."
-how long will it take for the repair?
"I can't answer that...could be months" (didn't actually say that, but it felt that way)

"and the shipping charges to send it out for repair, I could also put onto your Bill so you don't have to pay it now" was shortly after that I was arrested for beating the Salesclerk to death with my new LG phone.

Photo taken with my new LG Touch Screen Phone!

follow-up...took the phone back home, beat it against the computer desk a few times and the screen came back on.
Now I just hit it whenever the screen goes out...usually works...I'm sure it won't last forever...but in the meantime, I can still say "Look at my new LG phone!"
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