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Well, I got the payload bay finished/installed, most of the payload finished (Just lacking Canadarm), and the forward fuselage textured (what a nightmare that was)/partially built. I still need to find a way to reinforce the windows/RCS thrusters/startrackers, install the windows/RCS thrusters/startrackers, and find a way to affix the cockpit.

I decided to line the underside of the payload bay with duct tape, both to prevent light from bleeding through and more importantly to provide a little extra strength.

For the payload, I chose to go with STS-104 (Which also meant making the orbiter initially Atlantis. Again, I want to try making the names modular). I encountered some bad warping on one side of the mid fuselage, but bracing it with electrical tape seems to be helping.

Retexturing the forward fuselage was a huge mess as photoshop decided to use 2gb of RAM and delay everything by 1-5 seconds. However I think the results are spectacular.

I accidentally made a patch of tiles on the underside go in the wrong direction, but I'll fix that later. I also need to figure out a way to reinforce the forward fuselage as it will be the weakest part.

I also got a few goodies in the mail, which I plan to display with the completed model--including a small 4x4x.5 LRSI tile sample signed by Jim Reilly, a large 6x6x4 HRSI tile, a section of AFRSI that flew on Discovery in the late 80's (The number indicates it was on the side of the mid fuselage near payload bay doors, I still haven't figured out exactly where), and a 'Remove Before Flight' fixture. I'm thinking about loaning the model/artifacts to a local science center or even the library to commemorate Atlantis' retirement.

A number of particles and fibers fell out of the AFRSI bag through a hole, so I decided that in the spirit of spaceflight awareness medallions, I'd encase them inside the model under the payload bay. All that's missing is a note saying "This model contains flown material from the Space Shuttle Discovery."

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