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Originally Posted by goodduck View Post
I hear it in the radio this morning. That's just too bad. Guess that it is not true of what people said. B-17 can't really fly with one engine on fire in real life. And I guess all the other flyable B-17 value just gone that much more.

Actually, to be honest, the plane flew fine, and landed fine. The fire was in the cockpit. The Pilot make an excellent landing, all crew and plot dismounted, no one was hurt. The plane burned on the tarmac. It was not an engine problem. B-17's can fly with incredible amounts of damage, but a fire in the cockpit is a problem that will bring down the best of planes. That being said, I would hope that this planes are put in the air with new wiring, new connections, new avionics, or they are accidents waiting to happen. Restoration is fine, but the major systems must be brought up to modern standards, that, to me, includes every single switch.
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