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Originally Posted by Texman View Post
For those of us less computer literate, what is an LSO cookie, and how would we identify them?

The reason why the LSO type of cookie is potentially dangerous is because you do not have the option of whether it is installed on your computer or not. Flash is a technology that is used by many web site developers to make the content on their site more interactive. When you install Flash on your system, you are automatically going to store an LSO cookie as well.

The only way that you can avoid this is by not using Flash, meaning that you are going to miss out on a lot of web content. The problem with the LSO cookie being on your computer is that any web site can read the information on them.

With the right Flash run time on their web site, all of that information that you might have picked up with other web sites using LSO is now available for anyone to see. In recent versions of Flash they have tried to stop this but attackers are still able to see the web sites that you have visited recently. Even with that little bit of information an attack pattern can be configured by a smart black hat hacker.

The technology behind cookies is not bad within itself but it can be used by some for evil purposes.
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