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I have a spare phone I purchased from Walmart. Depending on the style SIM card, you can usually just buy a really nice $60 or REALLY NICE $100 dollar phone, take out the SIMS card that came with it, and just POP yours in. AR&T uses the "Go-Phone". It's not too hard to match them up. That's what I bought when my $489 dollart LG was put through the washer and dryer, ironically, that phone still works but I like the cheapo Walmart one better. It has a higher Megapixel Camera too.

I just got this JVC Picsio HD Camera that shoots 1080P/720P in Stereo, and shoots a 5 megapixel picture and is rated safe to be submerged underwater up to 10 feet by the manufacturer!. It was $79.95 at

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