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Originally Posted by SCEtoAUX View Post
This is a compass circle cutter:
Attachment 96301
You can adjust the radius of the circle, but it cannot cut very small circles.

This is a cutting mat:
Attachment 96302
They can be of different colors or even clear. They are made of various types of plastic.

Most of the tools mentioned on this forum can be found at an office supply store or a craft store.
thnx man this really helps PS.i know office suppply stores (here we call them libraries) but what is a craft store ?

Originally Posted by pahorace View Post
Hello Ultra,
here you can see a kind of compass Rotary cutter:

in the attached photo, there are various pliers, knives (cut balsa) and glue, which I use.

If you are a beginner do not attempt complex models.
Rather you need to focus on very simple models in order to learn to use tools (scissors are fine too) and adhesives, and above all learn to fold paper (for this, follow the forum that is full of explicit photos).

In any case, do not give up, never give up!
If you fail, have patience and start of new line. You'll that in the end succeed.

thnx wow this is the first time i see a circle cutter (they don't seem complex i can make one on my own i think)

iam not an absolute beginner i've been modeling for almost four years now but u can count me as a beginner thnx for the advice (may i just ask what r the top two tools)

thnx for everything guys
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