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Off to a slow start but a start none-the-less. Following from the build in on kartonmodel I started at the nose. For the first time, I attempted the segment-to-segment bulkhead connection technique where you build enclosed segments with bulkheads on either side, and then stack them to assemble the fuselage. Normally with models that call for this technique, I discard the second bulkhead, sit the remaining bulkhead slightly inset into the segment, and use glue strips. This time I experimented. It came out fine, though I'm not sure if I will carry the technique through the rest of the fuselage or revert to my standard technique.

Also a note for future builders in 1:72 scale: The formers sheet indicates to laminate to 0.25mm. The 67lb cardstock I printed the part on was already 0.18mm. Instead of laminating, I printed the formers sheet again on 110lb card, which came to just about 0.25mm. At the scale, some of the formers are really small, so you don't want to overdo the thickness.

Put on hold build (someday I'll finish): F-35A Lightning II 1:72
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