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Originally Posted by Zathros View Post
Umm, noo? The FAA regulations determine when a plane can fly or not, the Pilot in Command must follow those regulations. If the Auto-Pilot i not working, then "Why?". What else might not be working? Planes are very sophisticated and as I know many pilots who fly international every day with 100's of people behind them, I can assure you, they do fly the plane. That statement is really a disservice to them and in all actuality, your life could have been saved by that Pilot's decision. They really do "know how to fly", and know a lot more, on top of that. To fly at that level is equivalent to having a .Phd (Doctorate) degree. The training never stops either.


It is precisly the way the FAA is mandating things that pilots have problems flying their planes. Now I don't mean normal procedures and such. It is when unusual things happen that they at times caused great disasters.
Examples : the Air france A330 from Brazil to France. The pilot stalled the aircraft when the airspeed data failed ( due to the probs ). Or the US Air DH-8 crash over Buffalo when the aircraft slowed down in IMC conditions and the captain stalled. Or the Turkish Ailines B737 to Amsterdam stalled on approach. Again, we have handycapped the pilots with regulations that they need actual flying training on top of what they do. Yes, we have hero pilots that can dead stick a plane on a river due to a total loss of thrust , that is great, but there are many new generation pilots that lack crucial skills of flying.

Anyhow, I should not have started this off topic, and have nothing further to say and am done.

Now back to your regular scheduled program.


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