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Conversion Kits

And for both PT Boat models, I have created these Conversion Kits.
The Kits will be a free download...
but of course you need the base model first.

Both kits have the necessary parts to convert the Elco 103 Class model to a different PT Boat.

For the "Factory Finish" Gray Paint Scheme, you can build a "fantasy" PT-73
or the famous PT-109

and with the "Camo Green" model, and this conversion kit, you can build a green painted PT-109*
or PT-157 "aces 'n' eights" (which is not only cool because of its Chart House "nose art", but it was also the PT Boat that rescued JFK and his crew from the PT-109.

*PT-109 came out of the factory long it stayed Gray, is the big question. Every discussion is a little different as to when it was painted green...or if it got painted green at all!
Whatever your preference, either version is available to you!

The Conversion kits will be available through (and my site) in a couple of days.
I'll post as soon as they are available!
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