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View from the front....

I found the escape hatches quite hard to build - it's a disk with a truncated cone to give the effect of the hatch thickness. At least I'm reasonably happy with the towing cables - even if they aren't consistent with the photo evidence - the original seems to have had quite long lengths of thin cable.

I've played around for ages with tow cables made from strands of thin copper wire but was never particularly happy with the results. The ones here are made from black cotton thread - the trick is to soak the thread in acrylic varnish before twisting the threads to get rid of the "furriness" of the thread. Each cable is made from 11 strands twisted together and the bundle of threads soaked in acrylic varnish again. I guess I should have used grey thread but in my defence I'd point out that wire ropes should never be used if they look dry (silvery) or rusty (I just knew those years in heavy industry would be useful one day).

Only the turret to go!!!


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