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Originally Posted by blaar View Post
Hey guys, I really love ripping models from games and then convert them to paper. I was playing Call of Jaurez and loved running around with the gatling. Anyhow, if there is some interest in the model, I will be happy to convert it to paper for you guys.
hi blaar , where has a guy with your talent been! i dont have the gift for computer drawing and was hoping that some one would come along with a drawing of a gatlin at some time 'ripped or not' and here it is, at last! you've done a great job on the detailing, wooden stand as well, great stuff blaar. i for one would love to have a go at this one.

being a new post lets see if there is any more interest. i'm sure there will be shortly! they just have to latch on to this thread. like ya say, it has to be worth the trouble of converting. oh, i do hope so. again well done on this.
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