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Zathros, it's a tradition for Chinese families to pause domestic matters for preparing a visit by a friend, we aren't blaming the administration for anything :P

Updated: More pictures on the forum, and another longer video here
?????? - ?? - ???? - ???

Translated some more detailed info...

Peter Chen, a cardmodel maker and dealer based both in Beijing and Taiwan. Many purchased their original kits through him. His builds:
1/1200 Titanic - ????????(Completed Entries) - ????Papermodel?Cardmodel?3Dcard?3D?? - Powered by Discuz!
1/100 Digital Navy LillaWeneda??????????? - ?????????(Contruction Reports) - ????Papermodel?Cardmodel?3Dcard?3D?? - Powered by Discuz!

Leo, best known for his RC-Challenger, but also builds in other fields:
1?33 Halinski F-16 ?? - ?????????(Contruction Reports) - ????Papermodel?Cardmodel?3Dcard?3D?? - Powered by Discuz!

The Bang Doll model(s) were designed by Tang, who was not able to come to the meeting himself. Nevertheless his designs were widely known and two modelers have brought them to the stage.

The Su-34 and the as-yet unfinished USS Heerman was built by Wind, as the name suggests specializes in aircraft models.
1:33Halinski-bf109f4?????????? - ?????????(Contruction Reports) - ????Papermodel?Cardmodel?3Dcard?3D?? - Powered by Discuz!
1?48Halinski?F14????? - ?????????(Contruction Reports) - ????Papermodel?Cardmodel?3Dcard?3D?? - Powered by Discuz!
[CPM-1] ??1:200 Halinski Uss Heermann??? 9?17??? - ?????????(Contruction Reports) - ????Papermodel?Cardmodel?3Dcard?3D?? - Powered by Discuz!
The F-16 in the above picture was built by Leo.
The JSC Pharos was built by Demon, specializing in ships.
1:200 GPM 256 Leberecht Maass Z1???????????Z1???? - ?????????(Contruction Reports) - ????Papermodel?Cardmodel?3Dcard?3D?? - Powered by Discuz!
The plane at the bottom-left corner is was my teeny-tiny J10...

The tallest figure, Chikage, was built by Wind's wife, --who is a cardmodeler in her own right! (In fact the two got together simply because of this hobby~~~ XD)
The figures on the lower left was designed and made by two other ladies, who is commercializing the model to be sold in anime-themed shops.
[The M'Gakuen Aru on the back was again by me]

I don't know a lot of the Gundam guys, but the biggest model of all, the Predator was designed and built by Yingren. And the Strike Noir Gundam was again designed by Tang.

The person giving the presentation is Vicar, as the name suggests he is the kind of "godfather" in the community. Frequently travels to Europe to buy kits and sell them in China. Also promotes the Chinese community for internatinal recognition. Builds:
1:400 JSC WILLIFT EAGLE 4/? ????????? - ?????????(Contruction Reports) - ????Papermodel?Cardmodel?3Dcard?3D?? - Powered by Discuz!

Peter showing an original JSC kit, to some this would be their first sight at an original copy. --Hey we're doing at least something against piracy here :D
================================================== ===========
I think I shall refrain from writing any more propaganda here... The Shanghai meeting is set to take place on 18th Oct, I will be writing another report on that as well.
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