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Ok, after a long time not posting my advances, here they are.
I finally started the engine! And man.. What a hard task it is!
Not only it has many many parts, but it has several sub-assemblies and since I have reduced it to be 1/12th-ish, I have ended up with very tiny parts.
This has caused me to have problems aligning parts, specially the tiniest fins. Add to that that I “intelligently” decided to change white glue brand… It caused gluing the little parts a nightmare.
Not only they took years to stick, but as soon as the next fin was glued, the previous one got detached at the slightest touch.
Everything was fixed when I got white glue used in some handicraft stuff that mimics oil texture on print matter. Now I apply glue in both surfaces, wait a couple of seconds and then attach the parts, they stay soft just enough time to align them and once dry they hold their position very firmly allowing me to touch them without dis-assembling them again

Here are the parts I have managed to make.

These are the transmission assembly, an electric part of the engine (I think) and the bases of the rod valves. Oh and a round cover that I’m not sure where it goes or if it is even an engine part.

These are the base of the air filter, the tube of the filter and the initial part for the left-upper cylinder fins.

And for the ‘Pièce de résistance’: the right upper cylinder fins, and yes I know the fins are not aligned and yes they are white, but all I’m thinking in doing to improve things is to use a silver pen to cover the white edges. They will stay as crooked as a politician’s way during election time.

I just hope they look better once the whole assembly is finished.<BR>

That’s all for today, next time I will show you the problems I got with the air filter and how I (hopefully) will fix it.
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