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Thank's my friends!

But unhappy I not time to finish at the contest, I lost by few hours, but I finish the model

I started gluing the superior wing in cabane struts, but the struts (from gladiator) is too high, so I cut 3 mm for made the correct high...

I add more detail in the tail, atuactors, and cables...

I started the rigging of central cabane...

I made rigging of undercarriage and use for exaust pipes a orthodontical wire...

I made the struts, and glue the second set in right place. All struts cut 3 or 4 mm, the rear struts of middle cut 5 mm to gluing right...

I use Stalhart Gladiator Fairey propeller, painted the cownling ring and made a correct windshield with tiny cardboard... More detail add: target tube, radio antenna, and full rigging.

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