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More progress - I'm starting to mod like crazy - but oddly, at this point it's getting MORE like the real Parc GŁell, not less.

First I added some of Gaudi's Mozaic's into the courtyard ceiling:

To stretch it, I had to also stretch the curves in the center, but I think that looks OK. The black spots are cuttable magnets that I'm gluing down on the brown spots and are going to align with the top of the pillars. [There was a cutter during-cut registration error, so most of them are damaged and had to be hand-inked. A flaw I'm living with for now.]

I slightly increased the diameter of the columns to fit the magnets I had and added caps to glue them in. Here's three pillars holding fast to a plate I'm going to insert under the floor and a plain magnet so you can see the size. There's a magnet in the top and bottom of each pillar and they are quite sturdy. I've got to make 22 of these (44 magnets.)

I'm still playing with the trim-mosaic-wall that goes around the upper courtyard and thinking about how to add a real bench around the whole thing...
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