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Thank you for the compliment Armorman.

Here is an update of my progress. I have added comments to some of the photos to describe the changes or fixes that I had to make.
Other then that, everything is very straight forward so far.

Marauder destroyer-imag0049.jpg Marauder destroyer-imag0050.jpg Marauder destroyer-imag0051.jpg Marauder destroyer-imag0052.jpg Marauder destroyer-imag0053.jpg Marauder destroyer-imag0054.jpg Marauder destroyer-imag0055.jpg Marauder destroyer-imag0056.jpg Marauder destroyer-imag0057.jpg Marauder destroyer-imag0058.jpg Marauder destroyer-imag0059.jpg Marauder destroyer-imag0060.jpg Marauder destroyer-imag0061.jpg Marauder destroyer-imag0062.jpg

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