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I think anyone who comes up with a solution with "tank tracks" is very clever, however, I am basically a lazy person and I like my models to be radio controlled, so they come back to me on r/c demand and paper and card tracks just don't work for me and I've tried. They lack the durability I require.
What does work for me, is for me to buy on e.Bay, r/c tanks which are already complete in 1/16 scale (like Heng Long) which I like because they are big and I can easily see them, and from which I can remove the superstructure and replace the superstructure (hull and turret) with another completely different tank, which has the same suspension, which I build from a Polish or Russian paper kit which I have purchased and photocopy enlarged.
Thus, the running gear of my old and new tanks is a Chinese commercially created lower tank hull and running gear, with r/c installed at factory, to which I add one, or several other upper hulls and turrets I have made by hand, to fit (one at a time).
I notice on e.Bay, that it is possible to buy just the lower tank hull and motors, running gear etc for around A$46.
I have 7 x Tamiya & Heng Long 1/16 r/c tanks on permanent display, any of which I can dismantle easily, down to the lower hull and rebuild in numerous other configurations if I wish - tanks for which otherwise, there are no models available.
For the time being, my interest is with card kits of the Livadia and IJN Yamato which I am slowly building, so my tanks have taken a back seat in "regeneration" also as something else, for the forseeable future.
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