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Originally Posted by WeeVikes View Post
Ok, Ken, I'm getting antsy to build this thing...

Any projections on a release date?

No pressure or anything...
Excellent question!

Too soon to predict when this will be available.. Unfortunately, I can't formulate any predictions based on earlier projects I have done since the CM is MUCH more complicated than all of them combined!

But, I can predict that the instruction set alone will blow one's mind. I am not aware of any model out there that is constructed in the way the CM is designed; particularly with the intent to dis-assemble and reassemble seamlessly. The instructions will take alot of time (probably more than the model itself). We have all dealt with the instructions sheet for a typical aircraft model; especially low-detail aircraft, can be a little lean because most aircraft are built the same way. But this is a very different animal. You have my word that I will not release this model until I am satisfied that future builders will be successful. The model will also have to pass the critical scutiny of knowledgable people who know a fake when they see it. What you see so far is a prototype with issues. These issues will be corrected in due time; as the CM deserves an all-out effort.

Thanks for watching!

Comments, questions, advice and critical feedback are welcome!
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