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Good info, Bailey. My finetip is on the way and I will see how it works.

I use Aileen's Tacky for most building, but also keep Elmer's on hand when I want something thinner, as well as Curt's Tombow mono Aqua (which will probably work well in the finetip), Scotch 70 spray adhesive for afixing paper to card (formers and the like), stick glue (UHU or Avery) for small-scale laminations, and CA in small quantities when wire is involved or to strengthen small parts. I also pre-spray with cMags' Krylon UV to protect the surfaces against my natural clumsiness and messiness and I like the texture that it gives to the paper - Neocolor II water soluble crayons seem to really work especially well on folded edges that have been Kryloned.

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