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Locomotives: GS series, FP7, GP7 (HO scale)

I've always had a thing for trains, and I love traveling by rail. I've finally got around to translating that into a design project. One thing that I've found to be missing from the paper modeling stable are nice, mid-level models of famous locomotives. There are a great many (very nice) very simple models, with one piece wheel assemblies (forgive my lack of proper RR terminology) and simple shells. I want to produce models with some 3d detail that are still easy to assemble and attractive to look at. For my first projects, I decided to combine my love of Josh Ritter and late steam locomotives to produce the famous GS-4 locomotive that pulled the Coastal Daylight in the 1940s. But since that is a more complex project than I feel I can handle at the moment, being uninitiated in the ways of locomotives, I chose a couple of simpler locomotives to get my feet wet. The first is the beautiful F7. I got a good start on this (see attached pic) but still felt a little overwhelmed. So I switched to an even simpler engine, the GP7. I am collecting references and plan to get a start tonight.
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