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Originally Posted by pdmccool View Post
A bit of clarification on the mid-'50's Buick specs. The "Fireball" V-8 debuted in the 1953 model year in all models except the Special, which still used the straight-8. Displacement of the V-8 for the '53 to '56 model years was 322 c.i. in the Century, Super and Roadmasters, and 264 c.i. in the '54 and '55 Specials. Special and Century engines also used a 10.5:1 high-compression variation for cars equipped with Dynaflow transmissions to give them a bit more grunt off the line, as Dynaflows were notoriously sluggish.
Thanks for the clarification PDMCOOL. I had 322 in mind when I wrote 522... that is a huge displacement ha ha! Cadillac had a 500 c.i. I guess somewhere around 1970. The 322 grew to 364 in '57 if I am correct. My '60 LeSabre had a 364 with a 2 bbl carb supposedly good for 250 h.p. Enough to move a 4300 pounds love boat!!!

hi cami question how long have you been a papercraft designer?? and do you ever share your incredible work with othere's ?
I have designed my first model in 2006. It was a Lightning Mcqueen model done in what I am calling the "Kleenex-box-with-wheels" style ha ha! A simple model, but it was nice enough to get and keep me in the hobby. I worked on other projects after that and consistantly improved my building and design techniques. In 2008, I released the Nascar COT project, the only project I shared this far.

What pushes me is the passion (like all of us), but if I could slightly increase my income with my hobby, it would be nice, so turning my models into kits for sale appears to me as the most interesting avenue considering how much work it is.

Thanks for the good words, it is so much appreciated!

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