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Oddball-o-rama! Dodge D-100 Paramedic Truck

"Rampart, this is squad 51, over."
"Squad 51, this is Rampart, over."
"Rampart, we have one victim here of apparent model shock overload, over."
"51, start IV with Ringer's Lactate and prepare for transport, over"
Roger, Rampart. Ringers lactate, readying for transport."

Oh boy. I think I saw all six years of this show on TV Land. I am a big fan. So I was so excited to download the Oddball Dodge D-100 Paramedic truck and see that it was the Squad 51 model! Too cool!

Looking it over I should be able to hand the build OK even with my left arm still giving me issues. The parts are rather large, 33 of them on 3 pages, and they all seam to be the typical tab construction method. Although I will be building this kit as is, I can see many areas that cry out for detailing. Such as darken bluish plastic for the windows and even LED lighting for the lights. You could really do a lot with this model!

The one alteration I am going to do is add foil to the mirrors. The fold over nature of the parts make this real easy and I think will add a bit to the kit.

I am excited about this, and I thank you Aaron for this FREE kit. I will also be building the P38 Lightning, a five page kit that seams really nice in it's own right, but this truck just calls to me! It will be first.
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