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Originally Posted by Spacemen1969 View Post
Hey Aaron, I got a question. I'm working on the XB-42 Mixmaster I got from ECard models and I've noticed something. Now, I don't know if i'm just going crazy, not looking hard enough, or somethings missing. Here's the story. I'm working on the rear fins, specifically the left and right fins. And i'm thinking to myself, "why doesn't this work?" And after a closer look at the directions, I realized that there are fillets for the tail fins. So I looked on every one of the pages and saw nothing, no fillets. So I looked at the PDF's on my computer, and still found nothing. So anyway, I've come to conclude that there aren't any fillets on the pages. I even looked at reference photos, and still come to the conclusion, no fillets. Like I mentioned before, I may be wrong, but if i'm not, I hope this gets fixed.

I just checked my copy of the Mixmaster and you are not crazy, Jarrod. No horazontal tail fillets. None I can see. Oopskie
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