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Cardboard Containers

Hi Guys

Things have changed since I last posted. I now have a fully functional laser cutter/engraver from China, and have been messing about both with plastic - mainly acrylic - and believe it or not, cardboard again. I have discovered new possibilities with the new tooling so I am once again enthusiastic.

The drone project has stopped due to health reasons. I have dropped all serious design work because of that. Now I am slowly beginning to rethink the project and hopefully can go further than I did last time I posted here. At least I do not have to make all of the major decisions again. I am just going to redefine the project as a simple RC hobby project although many of the parameters will remain the same.

I am starting by making some scale models of a standard 20' container, and making them suitable for mounting on the deck of a cardboard boat. This should give me some boxes for installation of various bits and pieces or if nothing else then the boat will look more realistic. It will also help me get going again. I even cleaned up the workshop this morning - after 2 months of mess that I could not bare to look at. So something good is coming out of it.

Will be posting photos when I have something to show.

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