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Originally Posted by twinslet View Post
No wonder they got shot down, they're missing all their top defensive armament. Any reason why? These pictures remind me of building and hanging some for my kids many years ago. I had made a carrier "bookcase" in 1.144th scale and was building Gulf War jets in the same scale to populate the deck. My oldest wanted to hang some over the carrier which resolved into an enemy shoot-down. I had a Hornet firing a missle at a MiG-23. I put the MiG about 40 feet away, in another room, to represent the correct scale distance for a Sidewinder shot. I thought it was a cool effect; the kids never got it.

Very neat diorama and the trailing smoke is a nice effect!
Haha, I was actually thinking of doing something similar. My thought was to run some fishing line from the guns on the Komet to the B-17, then to put little red marks at whatever interval to make it look like you could see the tracer rounds going into it, but I'm still undecided.

Originally Posted by mbauer View Post
Nice models!

Sure how'd you do the smoke?

Ever get bored looking at it, you can use the ME163 as the next target when it tries to land. P51 Mustang got one in front of everyone of the pilots, ground crew etc., when they were commited to landing...Not much smoke though, they pretty much disappeared parts wise. (Rocketfighter by Mano Ziegler).

I joined two chopsticks end-to-end with a totally unnecessary and rather irritating-to-cut finger joint, then went at it with cotton. The cotton balls I have are basically little 1"/1.5" rectangles rolled up, so it was easy to use a pen to open up a nice hole to threat them onto the sticks with.

What made this smoke different was that I tried something new! I sprayed the now-poofy sticks with some Elmer's spray glue to stiffen it a bit and make it easier to mark, then used a wide-tip sharpie with a frayed and split end to get the uneven ink spread.

Originally Posted by richkat View Post
Very cool....Rich
Originally Posted by zeawolves77 View Post
great build, nice effect.
overall composition is very dramatic.
Originally Posted by Inky View Post
Looks great and nice smoke effect. Has any one mentioned you are missing the top turrent? HAHAHA

Try using 6 lb fishing line to hang planes with, it is strong and when taking pictures it is hard to see. Other than that, damn good job.
Thanks guys!

Originally Posted by spaceagent-9 View Post
that is really cool!
have you ever heard of frankennazi comix?
i cant find it anywhere but i heard that instead of hilter, frankenstien was the leader of the nazi party.
Nope... :p

Originally Posted by MrMidwayMan View Post
Haha. You just game me some good ideas...

I finnally have a use for that FG B-17 i got in there free giviaway >:D
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