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Originally Posted by Zathros View Post
Personally, just my own 2 cents worth, there are some models offered here that should only be available to people who really are here. Not some people who come in to rip off the download section. I have no idea how that would be implemented but seeing the work that Ruben and Billy and Mr. Rose, and Mr. Zorn have done, and the generous offering they have made to this forum, just being stolen by those who have few posts and they abscond with these masterpieces, then just throw them into the wind. Sorry for ranting. It just irks me. It's like casting Pearls to swine.
Yeah, I see your point. I really had not thought of it that way. But, you are likely correct. Instead of joining in the discourse, many would just use the forum to skim the cream from the top of the bucket, so to speak.

Sad, I like a good fight.
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